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Jus Antioxidant Drink...Experience The Power Of Antioxidant Stacking!

Jus Antioxidant Drink..

jus antioxidant drink, jus international, buy jus antioxidant, jus juice, jus jel I must admit I don't know too much about this 'new kid on the block', however if you read into the science and check out all the ingredients that goes into this strong antioxidant drink, then it does initially appear to be quite impressive and should certainly get your attention.

Here's why..

Jus is literally packed with 23 natural phytonutritious ingredients, all selected from around the globe, and specifically chosen for their powerful antioxidant qualities.

Here is a line-up of the antioxidant 'team'.....

Strawberry, Tart Cherry Extract, Acerola, Pomegranate, Raspberry, Cranberry Extract, Reishi Mushroom, Lycium Berry (Wolfberry), Ginseng, Sea Buckthorn, Apple Concentrate, Aloe Vera Juice, Green Tea, White Tea, Aronia Berry, Acai Palm, Wild Bilberry Extract, Wild Blueberry, Grape Skin Extract, Mangosteen, Prune Extract, Noni Fruit and finally Grape Seed Extract.

Phew...what a line up!

In fact all the phytonutrients nature intended you to have a day are in just a single one ounce 'shot' of Jus antioxidant drink. They say that one 'magic fruit' cannot be everything to everyone, meaning one fruit or vegetable on its own will not do the trick, and I agree with that philosophy, and always encourage people to eat a rainbow.

So..a whole bunch of powerful berries and herbs stacked synergistically (together) will provide your body with all the tools and balance it needs to help combat a variety of health problems and fight free radicals.

The end process is aptly named antioxidant stacking..greater than the sum of its parts.

The company claims an extremely high ORAC score, and also claims it is not artificially inflated or 'plumped-up, through artificial additives or synthetic vitamins...hmmm, interesting.

Ok, simply put, here is the logical 'science' behind jus antioxidant drink....

1. All the light and energy we need to survive comes from the sun.

2. The sun gives us two kinds of light

  • ULTRA VIOLET..This is invisible and contains too much energy for plants to control
  • VISIBLE..The full spectrum containing all the colours of the rainbow

3. Plants convert visible light into useable energy through photosynthesis.

4. Ultra Violet light can create free radicals that are harmful to living things.

5. To protect against UV light, plants develop unique pigments. A fruits colour is its first defence as an antioxidant against dangerous radiation and free radicals.

6. Stacking phytonutrient pigments like bioflavonoids, anthocyanins, polyphenols, PACs..equates to amplified health benefits when consumed. The antioxidant power of each colour protects against specific free radicals.

7. Jus combines 23 antioxidizing fruits from the full spectrum of the rainbow to boost your body's natural defences.

Certainly there is no doubting the antioxidant power of jus antioxidant drink, if it 'does what it says on the tin', then you really must give it a try.

Visit the Jus International website for information where to buy Jus antioxidant juice.

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