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Sea Buckthorn Has Amazing Wound Healing Properties and Anti Ageing Too

What is Sea buckthorn?

sea buckthorn, seabuckthorn, seabuckthorn oil Seabuckthorn grows on the sand dunes by the sea and produces a yellow berry. Because of Seabuckthornís thorny nature, it is becoming popular for planting to deter trespassing animals and people. what are the health benefits?

Well Seabuckthorn has been shown to have a potent antioxidant activity, mainly attributed to its flavonoids and vitamin C content.

Both the flavonoids and the oils from seabuckthorn have several potential applications in helping the following.....

Where Sea buckthorn is most frequently used is for the treatment of diseases of skin and digestive tract.

What are the most important properties of Sea buckthorn?

Firstly, it is anti-inflammatory. That is a big thing as inflammation can be a secret killer.

Other properties are anti-microbiological, it can relieve pain as well as encourage tissue regeneration.

Sea-buckthorn oil is widely used to treat radiation damage, burn, ulcers, bed sores, chronic wounds, skin damage and mucositis...including vaginal mucositis (mucositis is the swelling, irritation, and ulceration of the mucosal cells that line the digestive tract, usually a troublesome and painful side effect of chemotherapy).

Seabuckthorn's berries have very high levels of vitamin A and other carotenoids, vitamin C, Vitamin E and flavonoids. Furthermore, the berries have remarkably high content of essential fatty acids of virtually all the important series, omega3, 6, 7, and 9 and is especially rich in palmitoleic and vaccenic acid, omega 7 fatty acids rarely found in the plant kingdom and phytosterols (a naturally occurring class of compounds found in the cells and membranes of plants).

There is more....Sea Buck thorn berries are second only to rose hips and Acerola in vitamin C content.

What else? The seabuckthorn berries are are also rich in vitamins B1, B2, K and P.

The liquid wax from the berry is very compatible with the lipid structure of the skin and is very water retentive and also has great skin moisturizing qualities too. Cosmetics and skin care products made of Seabuckthorn are valued for their rejuvenating, restorative and anti-aging action.

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