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Active H The Worlds Most Powerful Antioxidant.

What is active h?

active h, silica hydride Ok, if I told you there was a product that makes it virtually impossible for viruses, fungus or unfriendly bacteria to survive in your body you would probably think that I was joking! Well I'm not. There is a product that does just that. It could be labelled as an 'elixir of life'. It is the most powerful antioxidant formulation known to man...Active-H.

There has been decades of extensive research on Active H mainly from two physicist's Patrick Flanagan and Dr Coanda.

Dr Coanda travelled extensively and identified five locations where people tend to age more slowly than in the rest of the world. Hunzaland (Northern Pakistan), the Vilcambamba in Equador, Georgia in Russia and parts of Mongolia and Peru. In fact almost all live healthy and disease-free lives well after the age of 100!

Dr Coanda spent much time with people that lived there and made a thorough analysis of their lives and lifestyles from birth onwards.

He noted that although the diets in each area varied greatly, the one factor they all had in common was the type of water they drank.

This water originated from ancient glaciers and on analysis was found to have a unique chemical compound. He concluded that this special water was responsible for the amazing health and well being of these long-lived communities. He came to believe that water affects our health more than any other nutrient.

In the 1960s, at the age of 80, Dr Coanda passed his findings on to a young scientist, Patrick Flanagan, who continued analysing and identifying the properties of the glacial water.

The first thing he discovered was that there were no mineral salts present in glacial water, unlike spring and well water. He also found that the water did contain trace minerals-silica in particular-and large quantities of negatively ionised hydrogen atoms (not found in ordinary water) that he knew to be potent scavengers of damaging free radicals in the body.

Finally after four decades of research, Dr Flanagan was able to recreate, stabilise and amplify the properties of ancient glacial water into a supplement called Active H.

Now get this... incredible fact time, Active H's antioxidant capacity is equal to 10,000 glasses of organic fresh orange juice or 2.5 kilos of ascorbic acid or 2,000 capsules of grape seed extract or 1,000 capsules of pycnogenol . Wow!

Imagine... a product that makes it virtually impossible for viruses, fungus or unfriendly bacteria to survive in the human body! A scientific breakthrough known as silica hydride is making a tremendous impression in the health care field. Some claim it may have a greater impact on the world than penicillin! It is simple, safe and not a drug.

Boost Your Energy Levels Improve Digestion And Workout Better With Active-H!

Are you a sports person? If you are then take note. The hydrogen in Active-H helps deliver oxygen to your cells and can increase sporting performance dramatically.

If you wokout then you will know that the need for oxygen in muscles exceeds the supply during exercise, the dreaded lactic acid is produced (as an ex body builder I know all about that!).

This results in pain and has a negative impact on endurance. Active-H has been shown to reduce the lactic acid build up during heavy exercise.

Active-H improves the chemical condition of your body fluids, bringing your tissues back into natural balance by using negatively charged hydrogen ions.

A healthy functioning digestive system will absorb about one third of the nutrients presented to it. Tests have shown that when Active-H is present, absorption increases to 100 per cent.

The recommended dose is one capsule a day, taken on an empty stomach with plenty of water. But a warning...Active H increases the absorption of nutrients and medications so please consult your GP/Doctor before taking it. The dosage of your medication may need to be reduced, especially if you are a diabetic on insulin.

This is what you can expect from this powerful antioxidant.

  • Increased physical energy and stamina
  • Increased oxygen delivery to your cells
  • Increased tolerance to seasonal illnesses
  • Increased athletic performance in any sport
  • Reversal of the aging process
  • Increased sexual potency and virility!

Check out Active-H!

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