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Antioxidant Water...Wash Away Your Health Problems!

Antioxidant there such a thing?

antioxidant water, the water ionizer, powerful antioxidant water Can you really fight free-radicals with water?

Yes..apparently so, with advanced ionization technology.

Enter...The Water Ionizer. This very clever contraption can instantly create a natural powerful healthy antioxidant water that provides a defence against free radicals, and at the same time detoxes the body, whilst producing an antibacterial water for cleansing.

A little sceptical? You shouldn't be. There is a whole host of health benefits associated with The Water Ionizer antioxidant alkaline water.

Now, we are not going to delve into the science involved with electrolysised water or ionization technology, it's not really important to know the in's and outs of that. We are, however going to briefly explain the main areas of how your body can benefit with antioxidant-water.

By drinking antioxidant alkaline water daily, it can help many ailments inside the body by from within the body and helping to fight free radical activity.

The clever people at The Water Ionizer product claim there is no need to consume pH or antioxidant supplements anymore, as the antioxidant water seems to be so much more effective. We are not totally convinced about that claim.

Supplements can be very beneficial and they have their place, as long as they are not completely substituted for food, and the same applies to antioxidant water. Consume it in your diet along with everything else, in moderation of course. This way you will get all the vitamins and minerals in the correct balance.

Here are some benefits with drinking ionized water....

Blood..By drinking the antioxidant water for over 3 months, it is claimed that blood pressure can drop. How?

The water dissolves or rids the cholesterol in the blood system. You see, if your arteries are calcified, then this leads to an increase in blood pressure. The reason is that all that nasty plaque is positively charged, so the extra negative electrons from the ionized water can nullify(or negate)the plaque. Clever eh?

Digestive System..An imbalance of acid in the stomach (too much or too little), can lead to problems. Well, stomach juices are increased with antioxidant-water. Result? This will improve digestion and help absorb minerals thus balancing the juices when too much is produced. Other benefits related to better digestion are diarrhoea, constipation and abdominal pains can be controlled much better and the contents of the colon can become less acidic too.

Kidneys & Liver...Toxins and acids within the body are filtered out with the antioxidant-water. Organs are cleansed too.

Infections..are kept at bay, by regular drinking, mould that accumulates in the intestine can be reduced. All allergies can be improved due to the immune boosting, free radical fighting abilities of the water. Also by reducing the acid environment in the body, bacteria within the body is reduced.

And of course..younger looking skin.

It is so important not to have high acidity in your body. So many diseases that affect our bodies thrive on an acidic environment. So the key to the water is that it will balance the body's acid levels. Alkaline water neutralizes acid levels. Result?

Disease and illness will have nowhere to live. Your immune system is strengthened, which will enable the body to heal all makes good common sense really.

If you suffer from arthritis and achy joints, migraines, headaches and nausea, digestion problems such as IBS etc, hearing problems, and any type of skin ailment to name a few (there are many more)...then antioxidant drinking water can help.

Use antioxidant water for your whole family, try making an even healthier cup of green tea ..even water your plants with it, they'll thank you for it!

There are so many more benefits to drinking antioxidant water, not just internally but externally too.

A short video on the science and health benefits of ionized anti-oxidant water...

Visit the Water Ionizer website for more in-depth information and some great testimonials too, and

We Review The Most Powerful Antioxidant Drinks Available!

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