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Health Benefit of Antioxidants...How Will You Be Affected?

What is the real health benefit of antioxidants?

Ok, we know what harm free radicals can do to us.

We also know how antioxi-dants can 'fight' them.

So...the big question is, what is the health benefit of antioxidants?

I want you to imagine inside your body for a minute, think of all the changes that are happening when oxidation (basically,rusting up) occurs for long periods.

The whole process can really take it's toll on your whole system. Such as....

  • Changes in cells
  • Cell membranes deterioating
  • Damage, to fatty acids
  • Enzymes inactive
  • Damaged DNA (high risk of cancer)
  • Damage to arteries (risk of heart attack)

All these changes lead to eventual disease and premature aging.

So by taking antioxidants in our foods and supplements we can, hopefully slow the progression of certain chronic degenerative disorders, a real health benefit there.

To start of with, let me just say at this point, currently there is no proof that taking antioxidant supplements (to fight free radicals) for nutrition, prolongs the life span of humans....but, there is enough evidence collected on the health benefit of antioxidants to fight diseases and boost your immune system, that we should not dismiss it. The health benefit of antioxidants is quite clear.

Will you see or feel any dramatic changes immediately by taking antioxidants?

Nope....There will be no sudden energy boosts, no improved alertness, no mood enhancement or memory improvements (you may notice improvement with your eyesight and vision with alpha lipoic acid ). We are not looking at short term here. Let me illustrate....

A good way to understand how you are affected is to compare it to a kind of health insurance.

You make your monthly payments regularly each month, but you don't get the benefits until years later when it's time to pay the hospital bill!

So taking a good mix of antioxidants (your nutrition) is similar to an investment too, a long term investment, a very precious investment.....your body!

Well it's quite likely that as well as slowing down the aging process of our bodies by fighting free radicals that cause oxidative damage, the following could also be slowed down, even avoided or eradicated...

  • Heart disease or Cardiovascular disease
  • Variety of Cancers
  • Alzheimer's disease
  • Parkinson's disease
  • Variety of other diseases

Free radicals, or reactive oxygen species are our bodies enemies. So we need to do battle with them. So here are some simple basic tips...

Plan what you eat. Obviously, the best way to follow a good eating plan and tackle oxidative stress is to consume plenty of fruits and vegetables, as they are high in antioxidants. This is the best and first step to help your body neutralise free radicals.

Our bodies also have natural antioxidants in them, the most powerful one is Glutathione (a cellular antioxidant). You could also consider antioxidant vitamins too. Vitamin C (a sugar acid or ascorbic acid) is a powerful antioxidant. Some herbs and spices also have a high antioxidant content as well.

Get at least 15-20 minutes of sunshine, or daylight to your body a day (if possible) as this give you a good dose of the powerful and absolutely essential Vitamin D.

You need to get a good mix of anti-oxidants, as just one or two on their own will not 'do the job'. So try and get as many dietary antioxidants in your regular eating plan. Because free radicals are formed very quickly in our bodies, so it is essential that you have a consistent intake.

There are many other fine antioxident sources available, just browse around this site for everything you need to understand more about proper antioxidant sources and nutrition.

Interested in looking and feeling better than you thought possible? Find more Natural Health benefits here

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