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Antioxidant Raw Food Diet..Eat Smart!

Antioxidant Raw Food Diet

A raw food diet can offer many health benefits, however there are also some potential nutritional shortfalls associated with total raw food eating. To find out more, read our article on this subject..Raw Food Diet Facts..The Raw Truth!

Raw Veg is Better Than Cooked..Myth or Fact?

antioxidant raw food diet Myth. For starters some vegetables need to be cooked to make them more edible..such as turnip, swede and pumpkin, eat these raw at your teeth's peril! However, certain vitamins, including Vitamin C and some B vitamins, can be destroyed by heat and are also water soluble, so when the veg is being boiled, they can leech into the water.

Minerals are not destroyed by heat, though, and studies have shown that beta-carotene and some antioxidants become easier to absorb after cooking. For instance, evidence has suggested that an antioxidant called lycopene, is actually boosted by the cooking process. Good intakes of lycopene have been shown to reduce the risk in some cancers, especially prostate.

So, the question is..Can you still reap the benefits of a raw food diet without totally converting 100 per cent to it?

Yes, I believe it can be done (with a little jiggery pokery), and probably the best way to do it is by following a Mediterranean style diet, and include plenty of antioxidants..of course!

This is the antioxidant raw food diet that is recommended by antioxidants-guide, and is pretty much my whole dietary eating plan...period.

Here is how it goes...


This is an easy and simple way to start the day in the right way. Eat fresh fruit. Don't just stick to one or two types, the key is to go for a rainbow of colors. This way you will supersize your vitamin punch. Try and include different berries such as blueberries, strawberries and raspberries.

Stick To The 80/20 Rule

If you are going for a salad at lunchtime, then ensure that at least 80 per cent of it is made up of raw vegetables.

Raw Food Snacks

This is where all diets and food eating plans go 'pear-shaped'. The snack time. It's the time of the day when you reach for the wrong type of foods. Well, forget reaching for the cookie jar come 3pm. Instead, get a small handful of brazil nuts down your neck! They are amazingly nutritional and are packed with selenium ..which will help fight those nasty free radicals that make us age quickly and become ill. Alternatively, opt for a bowl of baby carrots and sugar snap peas, a really satisfying treat.

Be Meek on the Meat!

Generally, in the Western World, we consume way too much red meat. There are certain health dangers associated with excessive consumption of red meat, so with this in mind, swap your big fat steak for some soused fish or pickled carpaccio to get your protein puch. This is a much lighter and exciting option for summer days!

So there you have it, the antioxidant raw food diet..but with our little 'twist' to it.

As with any type of nutritional diet or eating plan, always consult a professional nutritionist or doctor's advice before making a final decision. A 100% raw food diet is not recommended to the young, elderly or pregnant.

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