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Antioxidant Antiaging Can We Really Live Longer?

Antioxidant antiaging..can antioxidants really slow down the aging process and extend our lives?

anti aging, anti ageing, antioxidant We eventually grow old and die.

It's a sad fact but nevertheless a true one.

We can't do very much about dying, but, we can slow the aging process down... and the sooner the better.

But how?

Yes you have guessed it. Our saviours....antioxidants.

Oxidation will eventually age you. Scientists consider free radicals to be the number one contributing factor to aging.

By destroying cells and mutating DNA, they cause cummulative damage leading to numerous degenerative diseases and premature aging. Some people will age faster than others depending on choice of lifestyle.

The good news is that a sensible antioxidant anti aging plan will considerably slow down that aging process.

If you have scoured this website thoroughly then your knowledge about antioxidants will have increased, right?

So now you have a greater control over your health and ultimately your destiny than you had before. Maybe you now have the power to prevent and perhaps eradicate many of the degenerative diseases that were once considered an inevitable part of aging.

Hundreds of scientific studies over the past four decades indicate that to increase our chances of living longer in a healthier state, we must fight free radicals and 'hit them' head-on with an optimal mixed barrage of antioxidants.

It's important to remember at this point that antioxidants are most effective when taken synergistically (together) rather than individually...basically you need a good mix.

Studies indicate that optimal protective amounts of some antioxidants, such as vitamin E and possibly zinc, cannot be obtained solely through the diet.

A diet high in antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables, as well as a wide selection of natural nutritional supplements, are easily available for encouraging your optimal health.

Your body has a reduced antioxidant defense capacity as it ages. Therefore it is necessary to keep up the antioxidant levels with natural substances and supplements. Although nothing really beats the value of antioxidants in the correct foods.

Supplements are good, but not the 'be all and end all'.

Care should be taken to see that high doses of antioxidants are not taken. Suggested doses of antioxidant supplements are

  • Vitamin C 100 to 1000 mg
  • Beta carotene 10 to 30 mg
  • Vitamin E 67 to 500 mg alpha TE
  • Selenium 100 to 200 mcg

Antioxidant Antiaging....Think Blue and Purple

Blue/purple fruits and vegetables contain the health-promoting phytochemicals anthocyanins and phenolics, which are important for their antioxidant antiaging, memory function, and urinary tract benefits.

Blue/purple foods include

Or, you could always eat a rainbow!

So to summarise and answer the question 'can antioxidants help me live longer?' the answer is a definite yes-but the real key is to live better as well as longer.

As we are more aware of antiaging antioxidants there has been a positive effect on millions of people taking antioxidant supplements, however choose your supplements very carefully, there is a lot of 'rubbish' out there, so do your homework before making your purchase.

The 'bottom line' is, if antioxidants reduce your risk of cancer and heart disease, they will inevitably extend your life expectancy.

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