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Natural Youth Boosters..10 Foods to Turn Back The Hands of Time!

Natural Youth Boosters

natural youth boosters, anti ageing food Boiled Eggs..eating these twice a day for a week will increase levels of skin-generating vitamin A in your skin by 20 percent. Experts at the University of Alberta claim an egg from corn-or-wheat-fed chickens contains as many antioxidants as an apple...I'm assuming that is a red apple!

Beetroot or Beet Juice will boost blood flow to the brain, potentially helping to counteract age-related brain drain. However, another benefit is that it can also help you workout for 16 percent longer, according to research at the University of Exeter. This could be down to the nitrates in the juice, it reduces oxygen uptake, so you feel less tired when exercising. I really believe this works for me as I exercise daily, and always have a glass before working out.

anti age your refrigerator, best anti aging foods Oily fish is brilliant for helping boost brain power, plumping up the skin and reducing wrinkles, thanks to the omega-3 oils. Also it is one of the foods most strongly linked to a decreased risk of age-related macular degeneration (the leading cause of blindness in the UK), according to an extensive study by doctors at Harvard University.

Mulberry packed with antioxidants to really fight aging at the cellular level. The oRAC (a determination of anti oxidant levels) measure for it is a whopping 530 per 25ml. Compare that to orange juice at 130 and you can see just how powerful mulberries are.

Yellow these to keep your brain young. A 100g serving contains 6.9mg of luteolin, a flavonoid that is known to keep aging of the brain at bay. As our brains age, cells start to produce inflammatory chemicals that stop memory and learning. Thanks to luteolin, the production of these chemicals can be inhibited.

Kiwi really keep wrinkles away then you need more vitamin C in your diet..and from kiwi's not supplements. Why? Research from New Zealand has found that your body takes more vitamin C from a kiwi than it does supplements..and it lasts for longer. Just a single kiwi a day will give you more than your RDA of vitamin C.

Apples...Thanks to the Chinese University of Hong Kong, we now know that apples not only help fruit flies live longer, but they also move like young flies. Researchers are saying that it is partly due to the antioxidants (of course) protecting brain neurons, but also because apples increase the activity of a gene that surpresses how fast your brain ages.

Raspberries...Ellagic acid is the key ingredient of raspberries. Research in South Korea has found that it stops your skin producing collagen-destroying compounds when it's exposed to UV light. We can also find ellagic acid in pomegranate juice too. Dr Jonny Bowden, anti aging author names it as one of his 7 Keys to Longevity!

Kale...Yes, a superfood, it is one of the most nutrient-dense vegetables and is a great source of folate. Low levels of folate have been found to make your ears more prone to hearing loss. One of the theory's is that folate lowers levels of homocysteine, which reduces blood flow to the inner ear. Also homocysteine is also linked to skin wrinkling.

Protein Shakes...if you do excessive cardio as you get older (like me), then muscle is reduced, however drinking a whey protein shake after exercise helps stop wastage. One of the most effective natural youth boosters, this really does work as I am heavily into exercise, weightlifting and tennis, and always have at least 2 shakes a day. At 51 years old, my muscles feel as good as when I was in my early twenties!

So, stock up your refridgerator or antiage your fridge with these 10 great natural youth boosters.

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