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Pet Antioxidants...Don't Neglect Their Health.

Pet Antioxidants..

You understand that getting your antioxidants by eating healthy foods is the easiest and most natural way to fight against free radicals in your body and prevent damage from oxidation.

animal antioxidants, pet antioxidants, dog antioxidants, cat antioxidants Antioxidants are a necessity to every diet, including your precious dogs and cats.

That healthy diet for your dog and cat should include fresh vegetables. Now, you may be wondering, "If pet food manufacturers produce healthy dry foods that include all those essential elements anyway, why does Bonzo need fresh veggies too?"

Well, stop and think! No matter how good the ingredients are in a bag of dog or cat food it's still lacking in live, whole nutrients as it's basically highly processed grain-based food.

As a kid I was told never to feed our pet dog the food scraps or basically feed it 'our food'. I'm sure this conventional advice is still given today.... but why don't we feed our dog or cat 'our food'?

In fact by not giving it these whole foods, fruit and vegetables in their original forms then we are guilty of starving our precious pets of vital antioxidants and nutrients to help their immune systems and help fight cancers.

Dog Food Secrets..Discover How To Feed Your Dog To Get Astonishing Results..Fast!

So What Are Good Pet Antioxidants?

Well, broccoli stalks, along with dark green lettuce outer leaves and asparagus spear stalks, are good sources of chlorophyll, like all dark green vegetables and make a tasty and very cheap meal for your pet using those ingredients.

Just think about this... Would we feed our children nothing but dry food in a bag? Dogs and cats are mammals just like us, with the same needs for fresh food...but they don't have a choice do they?

Veterinary Secrets Revealed..Treat Your Pet At Home With Over 1000 At-home Pet Health Remedies: Keep Your Dog Or Cat Healthy, Extend Their Life And Save Money At The Vet!

Even the best of dry pet foods (those made out of basic ingredients that are of human-edible quality) are made with synthetic vitamins and minerals.

These incomplete, unnatural forms of vitamins and minerals do not provide the level of nutrition required for your pet to live a long, healthy life.

Also, the main ingredient in dry food... some form of not the best food for dogs or cats. Digestion of this highly processed food puts a burden on their little bodies that can be eased considerably by the addition of some live, whole foods.

Inexpensive and Healthy Pet Antioxidants

As an example, for almost no cost and little effort, you can improve the odds that your dog will live a long life with a broccoli stalk. Packed with the most micronutrients for your dollar, try juicing or finely chop a broccoli stalk to break the cell wall of the plant and make the nutrients more available.

The stalk is just as nutritious as the broccoli flower and contains many important cancer-fighting nutrients that can help your dog live longer, but is often thrown away!

Fresh grass also provides chlorophyll, vitamin C and hundreds of other antioxidants and enzymes.

Natural chlorophylls exert protective effects against carcinogenic exposure in animals and people. Human studies in China show that chlorophyll may help to delay the onset of symptoms of liver cancer caused by mycotoxin-contaminated grains (products that have killed many dogs).

However, be careful not to let your dog or cat eat grass that has been exposed to chemicals. If the grass is in the woods, it is probably ok. But, if the grass is part of a farm try to prevent your dog from eating it (or walking on it).

So come on folks, we all love our pets dearly, so lets try and add a few more precious, quality years onto their lives with some pet antioxidants rich foods. They will love you for it!

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