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The Healing Power And Health Benefit Of Bilberry

The benefit of bilberry is that it is considered one of the most powerful of all foods.

It has shown great promise in treating and preventing a number of serious medical conditions.

Bilberry is a close relative to the blueberry, cranberry and huckleberry so it shares similar health benefits to those fruits too. There is a real benefit of bilberry bush leaves too. They are thought to have their own unique healing properties too.

This amazing fruit is famous for its ability to enhance nightime vision and that is possibly the most important benefits of bilberry. Fighter pilots back in World War 2 were all given 'heaps' of bilberry to consume to improve their night time vision. Bilberry is considered to have a major role in the prevention of many common eye diseases.

Diarrhea? Just mix a bit of honey with bilberry to make a syrup. Use this syrup to treat diarrhea and other common stomach problems. Apparently this recipe has been around for centuries.

The bilberry plant is also thought to play a role in keeping blood vessels healthy. The compounds contained in the bilberry, especially the anthocyanosides, have been shown to help strengthen blood vessel walls which in turn increases circulation and blood flow..... it will also reduce inflammation, and stabilise tissues containing collagen (such as tendons, ligaments, and cartilage). Great news for sporty people.

Sore throat? Make a cup of tea with dried bilberries. Now either drink or gargle the brew. A traditional remedy but nevertheless an effective one.

Most coaches and nutritionists believe that too much hard training can weaken your immune system (yep, very true) and increase muscle damage. Anthocyanosides strengthen and protect immune function, reducing the risk of an illness or infection interfering with your training.

On the yummy side....bilberries are smaller than their cousin the American blueberry and make delicious jams, syrups, pies and tarts.

It must be noted though that the overall therapeutic use of bilberry is still clinically unproven, however the health benefits of bilberry along with its powerful antioxidant properties cannot be ignored.

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