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Purple Antioxidant Drink...Is It The Most Powerful Antioxidant Drink On The Planet?

The Purple Antioxidant Drink claims to be life's superdrink. Is it just another antioxidant drink? You decide....

most powerful antioxidant drink, anti ageing drink Why purple?

Well, the creator Ted Farnsworth, The Purple Beverage Company's CEO, named it so because "purple pigment in the fruit provides the highest degree of antioxidant benefit, so it just seemed natural to simply call our new beverage Purple." Good enough reason, I suppose.

So, just how good is the Purple Antioxidant Drink, and what are the benefits?

Just look at the ingredients in this powerful antioxidant drink. Pomegranates, black cherry, purple plum, blackcurrant, cranberry, blueberry and the amazing exotic Amazonian acai berry. All these have high ORAC values. The A├žai berry tops the ORAC Scale for Fruits. This powerhouse berry alone, has the incredible score of 18,500.

In fact Oprah Winfrey is raving about the acai berry. It has high levels of antioxidants and not only does it contain cholesterol-fighting fatty acids, protein, and fibre, but it also believed to have the ability to cure certain kinds of cancer too.

The people at Purple are encouraging us to either drink this beverage on it's own, or as a fruit smoothie. However there is a twist. They claim that if taken in a coctail, i.e by adding alcohol, studies have revealed that the alcohol mixed with the berries such as the ones in Purple, their antioxidant capacity is increased.

Purple is sugar free and has a strong taste, however it is quite sweet. With a consistency close to a thicker orange juice and slightly acidic, it may take a bit of getting used to for some people.

Currently only available in the USA at around $3 a bottle. Just a small caveat, it's worth noting that none of the drinks claims have been proven by the FDA, however with so many powerful antioxidants in Purple..well, you should all know the benefits of antioxidants by now, so, it can only be good news for us, can't it?

There are many claims from manufacturers that their particular beverage is the most powerful antioxidant drink on the planet. Zambroza is one. Eniva Vibe is another. What about NingXia Red Juice? Purple claim this too. It's not for me to say which is the best. All i am doing here is giving you information on the various products, so that you, the consumer, can make an informed decision. After all, when it comes to foods that have health claims, it is always important to learn all of the facts.

To learn more about Purple...visit their website.

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