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Cocoa Health Benefits..A Unique Compound In The Beans Could Eradicate Killer Diseases!

Cocoa Health Benefits

The potential health benefits of cocoa could go as far as stopping killer diseases.

It is believed that an antioxidant compound in unrefined cocoa, has health benefits that could even rival those of penicillin and anaesthesia.

Want some proof?

Norman Hollenberg is a professor at Harvard Medical School, and he has spent many years studying th Kuna people in Panama. He discovered that the four biggest and most common killers..cancer, stroke, diabetes, heart disease..affected fewer than one in ten of the Kuna.

The secret, or rather key to these health benefit claims are down to the high levels something called epicatechin found in unrefined cocoa.

Hollenberg claims epicatechin is so important that it should be considered a vitamin.

So, here we have an amazing compound that can potentially wipe out four of the five most common diseases in the Western world. Phew..epicatechin is definitely something that deserves our full attention.

Looking at this logically, we have a link between high epicatechin consumption and a decreased risk of killer diseases. So is it fair to conclude that these common diseases could simply be down to epicatechin deficiency?

Epicatechin, a flavanol or antioxidant, is also found in tea, wine, chocolate and some fruits and vegetables.

Flavanols are inclined to have a bitter taste, and for that reason are sadly removed from commercial cocoas. So, for starters, all the goodness has been removed from your mug of cocoa! Then, if that wasn't enough, the milk and sugar with which they are commonly drunk, also detracts from their health-giving properties.

Cocoa Health Benefits..Boosts Your Brain

Cocoa that does retain its flavanols, used to make dark (bitter) chocolate, is believed to improve blood supply to the brain and could even boost short-term memory.

Research (in Nottingham, UK) has showed that consuming flavanol-rich cocoa, boosted blood flow for up to 2 or 3 hours.

It is now being researched further for enhancing brain function for mature adults, or other people who could be cognitively impaired by way of fatigue or sleep deprivation.

Cocoa Health Benefits..The Facts!

Here are some interesting cocoa facts...

The Olmec Indians (around 1500 BC) were the first people believed to have grown cocoa beans.

Several hundred flavor compounds are contained in cocoa beans.

Britons consume 10 kg (22lb) of chocolate each year..and i bet that's not the dark stuff!

The very first chocolate bar was created by an Englishman called Joseph Fry, back in 1847.

Britons spent £4.3bn on chocolate in 2009. Recession or not, people will still eat chocolate!

The Aztec civilisation used cocoa beans to make a very bitter, frothy drink. Not comparable to today's modern sweet-tasting chocolate!

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