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Wild Oregano Oil Benefit...Every Household Should Never Be Without Some!

What is the wild oregano oil benefit to you?

Wild Oregano Oil, welcome the new superfood. And a superfood it is indeed.

Got a cold or flu? The Mediterranean's have known about it's ability to stop cold's and flu for centuries.

What else?

How about fighting yeast and fungi, which is fantastic news for sufferers of Candida. It will knock out allergies, hay fever and sinusitis as well.

In fact it is used to treat numerous health conditions both 'inside and out'. Such as skin, digestive, mouth, respitory and sinus conditions. It also can help with burns, wounds, cuts, sore muscles and joints too.

Mother Nature has her own natural antiseptic...yes, you've guessed, wild oregano oil.

An age-old remedy, Oil Of Oregano, has been scientifically researched and proven to be one of the strongest and most effective broad spectrum antibiotics known to man. It is natural and safe to use and will not create more mutant strains of bacteria. Incredible stuff eh?


Jean Valnet, in his book The "Practice of Aromatherapy", describes how oil of oregano superceded anti-inflammatory drugs in reversing pain and inflammation, and is nearly as powerful as morphine as a painkiller.

Oh, and it is a powerful antioxidant too. Among the natural antioxidants, oregano oil is one of the most powerful, helping to fight free radicals. It can protect cells from free radical damage in the same way it prolongs the shelf life of foods.

A most amazing gift from Mother Earth, I believe every household should have some on their 'health shelf' to benefit the whole family.

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