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Vitamin D Facts -What You Need To Know About The Amazing Sunshine Vitamin

Vitamin D Facts...Ok hands up all of you individuals who thought that vitamin D was a vitamin.

vitamin d facts, vitamin d sources, supplements Well, you are wrong it's actually a natural hormone! You see, the journey starts with Vitamin-D synthesis in the skin, then enters into the bloodstream, journeying to the kidneys and liver for activation. Then the biological work is then done in the intestines and bones.

It sees in the past few years that we are reading, hearing and being told more and more about it. There is a lot information available to us now, and we are discovering just how important and healthy vitamin D is to, not only adults but children too. We must take notice of it and not ignore the many benefits, including bone and overall health levels that vitamin D can provide.

All sorts of diseases and mineral deficiencies can develop and be triggered from a lack of this important hormone. It's also well known that vitamin D synthesis declines with age as we grow older and weak it is harder for us to covert it.

It is not very well accepted everywhere apparently. In fact...

  • Firstly- It is ridiculed
  • Secondly- It is violently opposed(probably by the drug or pharmaceutical companies)
  • Finally- It is believed

Vitamin D Facts-How Sunshine Can Help Your Body Fight Disease

It's a fact that lack of the suns rays, or sunlight can be detrimental to our general health and well-being. Our bodies must have exposure and absorb natural sunlight on a regular basis, not only to make us feel good, but it can also boost your immune system, which will in turn help to fight disease. Research has shown that exposure to sunlight plays a key role in activation of white blood cells, which can increase the body's ability to block or protect itself from flu, food poisoning and even cancer. Sadly, many of us just do not get enough of it (sunlight).

It is well documented in the medical field that vitamin D is vital for calcium absorption and bone health, preventing such diseases as a condition called osteomalacia (rickets a bone deficiency), however it is also believed that it has an anti-cancer effect too.

Other vitamin D deficiency symptoms include muscle and bone pains. If you have these symptoms, then you need some sun shine. Just bear in mind that it is wise to have adequate but limited sun exposure, as too much can be very dangerous, causing skin cancers. Try and avoid using a sunscreen if possible. The reason for that is explained below.

Vitamin D Facts- The Battle In Your Body!

Apparently, tests have shown that vitamin D plays a crucial role in the immune system. What it does is 'trigger' the white blood cells that are laying dormant, springing them into life and turning them into 'killers' to seek out and destroy nasty infections.

Then other white blood cells in turn, morph into 'helpers', enabling the immune system to build a sort of memory of the infection, so whenever the next encounter arises, it will act speedily and mobilize more quickly to fight it. Clever, and quite amazing uh?

Vitamin D Facts- What are Other Sources of Vitamin D?

So, other than natural sunlight, supplements, even table lamps(!), where else can we obtain it and what are the minimum daily dietary units or foods that will provide us with this important hormone. Well, such foods as milk, fish oil and eggs for vitamin-D nutrition will help and also fortified food such as breakfast cereals and powdered milk.

Remember, lack of this very important vitamin can rob your body of vital immune boosting benefits and leave you open to many diseases, so start today and go and get some!

A study recently found that almost a third men who are having fertility problems were found to have low levels of the D vitamin. It has always been known that getting sources of it can help with a healthy pregnancy, but now it seems that a deficiency in it can also affect sperm as well.

So, there you are some interesting vitamin d facts. It is quite clear that vitamin D prevents many illnesses and diseases now you know it's time to get don't need suncream or sunscreens for short bursts, because they will stop vital ultra violet (UVB) rays and therefore blocking the production, or the ability of our bodies to convert it.

All you really need to do is spend around ten minutes outside, even in your shirt-sleeves is enough for a good boost.

Please bookmark this page as we will be adding lots more information on this subject and any news or updates, you will get it right here....

Dr Mercola Explains More In This Video

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