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Boost Immune System..What's The Best Way?

Boost Immune System

What is the best way to boost your immune system?

boost immune system, immune system First a few questions....

Do you always feel tired and rundown...?Are you always getting colds...?Do you never have any strength or can't be bothered to do anything...?

Does that sound like you?

Then you need to boost immune system. Here is how you do it.

Listen...most people go about their daily business, they occasionally get unwell or feel tired. It is only then that they actually do something about it. A bit like the old saying 'locking the stable door after the horse has bolted'.

In the meantime they have to put up with feeling rotten until what ever drugs they are taking start to take effect. do you avoid illness in the first place and stay healthy, feel full of vitality, energy and strength?

You've guessed....the best way is to strenghten and boost immune system.

We really do need to 'sit up' and take notice of our immune systems more than ever because bacteria is becoming more and more resistant to antibiotics.

A bad diet will always lower our immune systems. Junk food being a big culprit.

A healthy immune system is quite fantastic. It aggressively fights off tons of diseases from the common cold to viruses to arthritis and yes....the dreaded cancer.

It is constantly sweeping and scanning your body ready to fight nasty little intruders, give them a good beating then throwing them out.

They also work together to identify viruses, and if a particular stronger unwanted guest tries to muscle in....they rush to each other's aid to sort the problem.

Ok...So how do you boost your immune system? (I'll save the best 'till last)

Check out your food and diet first.

Obvious but nevertheless very important.

Avoid High-fat diets. Too much fat will send those nasty free radicals racing through your body wrecking your immune cells. Watch the oils that you use when cooking too. If they are not olive or canola oils then throw them in the bin!

To lower your fat intake...cut back on red meat and try skinless chicken, fish and beans.

Steam your vegetables and eat as a side dish or a salad with your main meal. Try dark, leafy lettuce, peppers, bean sprouts and carrots. These will give you the necessary vitamins needed.

A multi vitamin and mineral supplement is good moderation. However, these can be a waste if your body is not absorbing all the nutrients.

You want to be including Vitamins A, C, D and E. Also the B vitamins too...betacarotene, zinc and selenium. the harder bit. Take regular exercise....NOW!

Not only does it keep you fit but it also strengthens a certain type of immune cell that kills viruses and cancer cells.

A word of warning...don't overdo it. Too much exercise will not boost immune will exhaust your immune system and leave you an easy target and 'open' to viruses.

Walking is always a good exercise. Try three to five times a week doing approximately 30 minutes of brisk walking.

Managing stress is vital for a healthy immune system. Research has shown that the chances of catching a cold are directly related to the amount of stress a person is under.

I know that our daily lives attract stress a lot of the time, some more than others but we really cannot escape it can we? So the key here is managing it.

As this site is dedicated to antioxidants and healthy living I will not go any further regarding the psychological side of beating stress as it would be 'off topic'. There is plenty of good information available out there in the form of books or the internet. Happy hunting.

The most powerful protection against illness you have is your immune system. But (and a very big but) you must maintain and look after it properly otherwise, like any defence system, it just won't work as well as it should...and those nasy invaders will slip past and make you ill.

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