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EpiCor Health Benefits...Providing Vital Immune Defence to Your Body

EpiCor Health Benefits

First, here is the short story about how it was discovered.

It was discovered purely by accident.

A health insurance company discovered something quite unusual. They noticed that employees from a leading US manufacturer of animal nutrition products were experiencing unusually lower sick leave rates and were also filing fewer claims compared to other companies of similar size.

Scratching their heads for a plausible reason for this they finally came to this conclusion....

What was actually happening was that the workers were coming into contact with the fermented yeast culture (manufactured for its animals) through airborne particles. These workers, unusually, were just not getting ill!

Naturally, the company quickly drafted in a research group to thoroughly test and check everything out.

The ingredient that made them all 'sit-up' and notice was an end product of fermentation of baker's yeast called Saccharomyces cerevisiae.

After extensive research including monitoring the yeasts effects, its safety etc..and interviewing numerous members of the production facility staff, some interesting stories were revealed.

Amazing stories of people suffering from colds and flu regularly before employment with the company, then suddenly, since joining as if by magic, hey presto goodbye colds and flu...amazing!

Epicor Health Benefits..A Potent Free Radical Fighter

This where the antioxidants come into play.

Epicor is packed with health-giving nutrients and is also a powerful

free radical fighter.

This team of researchers diced and sliced the composition of epicor and what they found was very interesting...

An excellent profile of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids.

All of the essential vitamins and minerals were present along with trace elements.

As you are probably aware, free radicals in our bodies are responsible for many diseases such as cancer and also speeding up the aging process. Our bodies need free radicals, however it's when the free radicals go out of control that the trouble starts.

So, with that in mind, anything that 'beats the heck' out of nasty free radicals we like...yes?

Back to the story...

This team of researchers also discovered that epicor contained compounds known to stimulate or exert free radical fighting activity such as phytosterols and phenolics, including catechins and trans resveratrol.

buy epicor, purchase epicor

Now, given the fact that there are lots of high profile substances that exert antioxidant activity, its antioxidant potential had to be investigated further.

Remember our ORAC list ? Well EpiCor was found to have greater antioxidant activity than blueberries which are known for their high levels.

Epicor Health Benefits..Causing Excitement in the Medical World!

Epicor health benefits is causing a real stir and a lot of excitement in the medical world in helping the immune-system against chronic diseases such as cancer.

Let's pause for a moment and watch this simple animation (just over 4 minutes) which clearly explains and give you a better understanding how epicor health benefits and how it balances immune health.

Epicor can also strengthen the immune system's ability to defend against viral, bacterial and pesky parasitical invaders.

Epicor defends your immune system in a number of ways.

It has anti-inflammatory abilities. This is good news as inflammation has been linked to a number of chronic diseases, such as heart disease.

Epicor Health Benefits..Anything Else?

Furter studies have shown epicor to be effective in reducing the growth of the E.coli bacteria and Candida tropicalis.

Good gut! Epicor is known to support the growth of desirable mucosal flora in the intestinal tract.

Currently, only one study has been published on epicor and it's immune-boosting properties so far. There are more results to follow, however initial findings are really promising, too promising to be ignored.

What is the Dosage For Epicor?

The recommended dosage for epicor is 500mg once a day. And the good news is that tests have shown it to be safe to take.

Where Is the Best Place to Buy Epicor?

The great news is that epicor products are now available to buy and there is no better place than iHerb. Why? They are simply the best for service, choice of products, and of course..the price! I buy nearly all of my health products, including epicor, at iHerb.

Here are some great reasons to buy safely...

  • Brilliant Prices...30% to 60% off most name-brand products
  • Selection...choose from over 50 green tea products
  • Same-Day Shipping...$4 Flat Rate, FREE on orders over $40
  • International low as $4 on orders up to $80
  • Live Customer-Care Service...on the phone or live chat
  • Extra Discounts...extra 5% off for orders over $60
  • Cool Rewards Program...earn store credit for referring your friends and family

I buy just about all of my products from iHerb, there is no way that I would recommend to you anything unless I have tried it first-hand myself. Visit my iHerb page to see why it is the only place to shop for the best health and nutritional products online.

Use this exclusive iHerb discount voucher and claim $5.00 instantly off your first-time order. Or quote ZOY985 when you check-out.

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If you are looking to shop for more healthy and nutritional products, visit my trusted Amazon Store.

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Do you have an interesting health story that you would like to share? Have you battled through illness against all odds with the help of healing foods or any other method? We would love to hear all about it.

Enter the Title of Your Story (ex., "How I overcame xyz etc..")

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