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Antiaging Diet Strategy..The Smart Eating Plan to Stay Younger

Antiaging Diet Strategy If you want to live longer and arrive at a ripe old age in the best of shape then read is what to eat and not to eat to achieve that goal, introducing the antiaging diet strategy.

antiaging diet strategy, anti aging diet Fruit and Vegetables Seems a bit obvious right? But many folk do not eat them on a regular basis believe it or not. Of all the things you can do to retard aging, this is uno numero, because it gives you the greatest amounts and range of antioxidants.

At least aim for 5 servings a day in the greatest variety, and as many as you can. The benefit? A steady stream of free radical fighting antioxidants infused into your blood stream. Some of these antioxidants will be well known, others are yet to be discovered, yet it's all good stuff.

If you start this at a young age..i.e childhood, many of the early physiological changes (clogged arteries) and cellular damage that accumulate as premature aging, are stunted.

When we reach middle age, the antioxidant protection of fruits and vegetables is absolutely crucial to prevent the inevitable decline into degenerative diseases of aging.

Even into a late stage of your life, fruits and vegetables still give your cells ammunition to put the brakes on disease and early death.

Something Fishy? Yes, you should be eating fish at least twice a week. Any fish will pass the test for being beneficial for your health, however the fatty fish such as almon, mackerel, sardines, tuna and herring contain the most antiging omega-3 type fatty acids.

Anyone For Tea? If you are going to drink something, then drink tea. Of all the beverages, tea is the most acclaimed as an anti-aging beverage. It's loaded with antioxidants. There are many varities to choose from, Wu Long, Yerba Mate and Pau Darco to name a few.

antiageing diet strategy Calorie Cut-Down Balance is the key here. Eat only enough calories for proper growth and optimum nutrition. By restricting calories after adulthood and maintaining a lower than 'normal' weight, the chances of keeping your youth and living longer rise dramatically.

Caveat..calorie-restriction below-normal amounts in growing kids or elderley or ill adults who need nutrients from more calories, is not advised.

Cut-Down on Wrong FatsThese fats will damage your cells..meat and dairy fats, in particular polyunsaturated fats and partially hydrogenated fats in margarines (one molecule short of being plastic!), many vegetable oils and processed foods. Stick exclusively to olive oil, canola oil and other monounsaturated oils, such as macadamia nut oil.

Alcohol..To Be or Not To Be? If you really have to drink alcohol, then make it primarily wine, especially red wine, containing various antioxidants from grapes, and stick to one or two glasses a day. Excessive alcohol consumption will create a free radical factory in your body!

anti aging foods to avoid Antiaging Diet Strategy...Sweet Nothing? If you have a sweet tooth then cut right down on excessive amounts of sugar or other carbs, including fructose. What harm can it do? Well, fructose raises blood insulin levels, damaging arteries and possibly even promoting cancer, as well as other degenerative diseases.

anti aging garlic Keep Vampires At Bay! Eat garlic. It's one of the most revered and respected ancient foods that is a carrier of various antioxidants. There have been some pretty remarkable studies in animals and humans suggesting that garlic can inhibit cancer, artery clogging and even degenerative brain function due to the aging process.

Just a clove a day, cooked or raw is fine as an appropriate anti ageing dose. If you don't like the after-taste or smell then try blac garlic, it's even more powerful than regular garlic, but without the unpleasantness.

So, there you have the antiaging diet strategy. It begs the question..who is this diet specifically for and who is deficient?

The plain answer is anybody who is needlessly vulnerable to premature aging and suffering or death from chronic diseases that could be prevented, postponed or reversed by taking and consuming more of specific natural chemicals.

I guess this encapsulates just about everybody in modern society, as we all seem to be aging much more rapidly than we should be, due to our lifestyle, pollution and many other factors that cause the over-production of free radical activity in our bodies.

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