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Green Tea Health Benefits

Green Tea Health Benefits

I really believe that drinking green tea, or taking green tea supplements on a regular basis, you will see an improvement in your overall health.

green tea health benefits The reason I say this is because green tea contains antioxidants, called called catechins, found in the leaves of the tea, and they are believed to selectively inhibit the growth of cancer for starters.

Scientists have now discovered that chemicals in the tea are able to effectively shut down a key molecule which can play a significant role in the development of cancer.

Can Green Tea Protect Against Alzheimer's and Parkinson's Disease?

The catechins in green tea are also known to provide a lot of protection to the brain by controling free radical activity and lessen the deterioration and damage to the brains cells.

Keeping your brain in great shape by controlling free radical activity can only be a massive step forward keeping such diseases as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's at bay.

Green Tea Health Benefits..Boosting the Immune System and More..

Green tea can also boost your immune system.

Green Tea is believed to increase stamina as a recent experiment with rats that were given green tea extract were able to swim for up to 25% more before getting puffed out.

Want strong bones? Green tea is believed to strengthen bones in a similar way that exercise or calciums. Also research has shown taking green tea could significantly increase the mineral density of bones.

There have been studies showing that green tea could improve insulin sensitivity and glucose tolerance with type 2 diabetics.

Want better teeth and gums?

The Japanese are saying we should drink a cup of green tea after meals, because this could help in the prevention of cavities and gum disease. The reason for this is that the polyphenols kill the bacteria that causes dental problems.

Gingivitis is a gum disease that, if left unchecked, could be serious as it is believed to damage the heart, so green tea to the rescue.

Green Tea Health Benefits and Facts

It is widely believed and subsequently documented that drinking green tea regularly, can help with the treatment and possible prevention of....
  • headaches
  • infections
  • sunburn and skin cancer
  • high blood pressure
  • rheumatoid and osteoarthritis
  • Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease
  • stomach complaints

Can You Lose Weight With Green Tea?

The big question, can green tea help with fat loss or weight loss?

Well there is a very strong case to support the claim.

For starters it helps your muscles accelerate fat breakdown, and it can also help to curb your appetite if drunk twenty minutes before a meal.

Green tea can boost your metabolism. If an average person was to consume 5 cups of green tea daily, it is estimated that they would burn an extra 70 to 80 extra calories as a result, it's not much and would not equate to a great loss over the course of a year, however it can be used as part of a complete weight loss program simply due to the small metabolism boost it will give you.

You will notice that a lot of weight loss and fat burining supplements contain green tea extract.

More on Green Tea Health Benefits...Does Green Tea Contain Caffeine?

Yes it does. About half the amount found in coffee. It all comes down to how much tea you use and how long the leaves are brewed for.

The majority of caffeine in green tea is extracted into the water the first time the tea is infused. So if you use the leaves over and over again, then the caffeine levels drop every time.

Just a side tea that is decaffeinated will only contain about half the antioxidants of the normal green tea. So, you would have to drink double the amount to reap the complete green tea antioxidant benefits.

Green Tea Health Benefits..How Much To Drink?

To get the most benefit from green tea then it is best used in its least-processed state, and that is plain tea leaves.

You also want to guarantee the tes's freshness, so looking for a good source that ia able to provide that for you is definitely the way to go.

Buy organic if possible.

As far as green tea health benefits are concerned, you probably won't see benefits overnight, however stick with it, it may take sometime, but as long as you are enjoying the actual drink, then that's fine.

I always drink a large cup of green tea as soon as I wake up and last thing before going to bed. It really does help me to sleep. There are no claims that it can make you sleep better, but it seems to work for me. It could all be in the mind but I would like to think it is down to the green tea health benefits!

What Are The Benefits of Green Tea Supplements?

buy green tea If you are not so keen on taking green tea using tea bags, try an alternative option using tablets and capsules.

You will get the same advantages and in some cases you can get up to 98% polyphenol content..equal to about four regular cups of tea. The majority of these products are decaffeinated too.

My recommendation is Now Foods, EGCg Green Tea Extract, 400 mg, 90 Vcaps from iHerb. It is very popular and has many very satisfies customer reviews. To check it out, just click the bottle on the right.

Where Is the Best Place to Buy Green Tea Extracts?

For all your green tea and natural health products don't look any further than iHerb. Why do I say this? Well, in my opinion, they are very trustworthy and simply the best for service, choice of products, and of course..the price! I buy nearly all of my health products at iHerb.

Here are some great reasons to buy safely...

  • Brilliant Prices...30% to 60% off most name-brand products
  • Selection...choose from over 50 green tea products
  • Same-Day Shipping...$4 Flat Rate, FREE on orders over $40
  • International low as $4 on orders up to $80
  • Live Customer-Care Service...on the phone or live chat
  • Extra Discounts...extra 5% off for orders over $60
  • Cool Rewards Program...earn store credit for referring your friends and family

Click on the graphic below to go there now and claim $5.00 instantly off your first-time order. Or quote ZOY985. when you check-out.

iherb shopping coupon

I buy the majority of my health products from iHerb, there is no way that I would recommend to you anything unless I have tried it first-hand myself. my iHerb page to see why it is the only place to shop for the best health and nutritional products online.

If you are looking to shop for more healthy and nutritional products, visit my Amazon store.

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