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Selenium Benefit..The Anti Aging Mineral

What is the Selenium benefit? Well for starters it's a trace mineral and a very powerful antioxidant.

It helps to bolster your immune system and protects against aging and you don't need very much of it to do this.

Selenium is a crucial component of one of the body's own antioxidant systems, the enzyme glutathione peroxidose. What this does is helps to combat the damage caused by oxidants.

Recent studies have indicated that selenium is linked to the death of cancer cells. It is also crucial for limiting the aging effect of oxidants in our bodies, helping to stave off external wrinkles and also the aging of our internal organs.

Interestingly The University Of Arizona(US) did a double-blind trial of over 1300 people which found that those given 200mcg yeast-based selenium for four and a half years had a 50 per cent less cancer rate than those in the placebo group.

Studies have also indicated that there is a link between low plasma selenium levels and advanced prostate cancer suggesting that raising the selenium levels may slow the development of the cancer.

Another selenium benefit is antagonistic to mercury, aluminium and lead. One of the roles it plays is to limit the amount of toxic metals in the body..making it a good supplement for anyone suspecting mercury poisoning through almalgam (mercury) fillings.

Our bodies defenders, the white blood cells, are enhanced and developed by selenium so it has a big impact on our immune system. In fact a study in Belguim has found that the immunity of the elderly was improved significantly by taking selenium.

And that's not all! Have you got thyroid problems? It is very common and you may have it, and not even realise it.

A thyroid gland which is not functioning properly can lead to weight gain, depression and severe fatigue. Well good news for you sufferers, thyroid function can be improved as selenium forms part of the enzyme systems needed to activate thyroid hormones.

Thinking of starting a family? Listen in then...although not fully understood exactly how...clinical trials have found that taking selenium supplements helps to improve the motility or movement of sperm cells and so aids fertility.

So, the big question..are you getting enough in your diet? Actually research has found that our selenium intake is on the decrease. If you regularly eat seafood, seeds and wholegrains you may be getting enough as only tiny amounts are needed because it is a trace element.

It's all down to the soil! Europeans may not be getting enough as their wheat is selenium-poor. Now the North Americans wheat is richer in minerals due to greater soil quality.

It is pretty difficult to actually spot selenium deficiency as there are no obvious signs but research is being conducted to find out whether the decline in dietry selenium could be affecting our overall health.

Good Selenium Sources

Try introducing the following foods into your diet to obtain and obtain the best selenium benefit...

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