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Anti Cancer Diet..The Ultimate Eat to Beat Cancer Plan..Part 2

Anti Cancer Diet Part 2

Welcome to part 2 of the ultimate Beat Cancer Diet..

In our article...

The Ultimate Beat Cancer Diet Part 1 we discovered that a treat, drinking dark chocolate, could help to fight tumour growth. Well there is another treat that can do just the same, so let's 'kick-off' this anti cancer diet discussion with another one...

anti cancer diet Wonderful Wine

I am very partialled to a little wine. It can be the perfect end to a stressful day, or complement just about any good meal. But did you know that red wine contains a lot of a plant chemical known as resveratrol? In lab tests, this has been shown to reduce tumours.
Check out The French Paradox

Note that not all wines are the same. Lots of factors come into play, such as the type of soil and climate in which the grapes were grown etc.. With that in mind, some will contain higher levels of antioxidants than others.

So, which one should you opt for? Apparently, wines from the South-western parts of France are particularly high in procyanidin..the same compound that we find in dark chocolate.

Tip...sip your wine. By letting it hold in the mouth for longer it is believed the effectiveness of resveratrol is increased. Apparently it is best absorbed through the membranes of the mouth. Interesting!

Tea Time
Drinking green tea is very high up on the list of beverages to beat cancer. It is believed to have cancer-protective effects including inhibiting tumour growth (angiogenesis) and the triggering of apoptosis, which is the destruction of cancer cells.

If you are having chemotherapy then green tea could help with lessening the negative side effects of treatment and also reinforcing the effects of certain chemo agents as well.

cancer fighting foods The Zest of Life

Certain cancers, especially those along the digestive tract, could have their risk greatly reduced simply by eating oranges, lemons, grapefruit, lime and tangerines, according to studies.

The reason for this could be the variety of protective factors in the peel of citrus fruits which are believed to assist in the removal of potential carcinogenic substances from our bodies and stop the growth of cancer cells.

Pectin, found in citrus fruits, is also believed to slow or prevent the spread of cancer cells.

Do You Know Your Onions?

Welcome to the allium family, or better known as the onion family. All related are garlic, shalots, leeks, spring onions and chives. What they all have in common is that they posess compounds known as quercetin and diallyl sulphide, believed to assist in preventing the beginnings or progress of certain types of cancers..especially of the bowel, laryngeal, stomach and oesophagus.

Tip..slice finely, good and thin because the more you chop it, the more of the healthy compounds are released.

Onions are at their most powerful when eaten raw. Garlic posseses anti-inflammatory, antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal effects, thought to 'bring on' the self-destruction of cancer cells, stopping the formation of fresh blood vessels by tumours. The onion family..powerful stuff!
Check out Black Garlic..even more powerful than regular garlic!

Fab Flaxseeds

One of the most common cancers among men in Britain is prostate..and a recent study found that flaxseeds may protect against this type of cancer.

I always sprinkle some on my morning daily bowl of porridge oats..without fail.

Tip..if you want to get the full health benefits, grind the seeds into a fine powder. The reason for this is that it allows your body to absorb more nutrients.

broccoli anti cancer Cabbages

Welcome to the brassicas and cruciferous cabbage family. Who are we talking about? Broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, watercress, turnips, radish and kohirabi.

How do the brassicas get their sharp (many would say unpleasant) taste? It's all down to something called sulforaphane. This molecule is believed to get rid of toxic compounds associated with cancer development, and may also 'trigger' the self-destruction of cancer cells. And a recent study has found it can specifically target and destroy prostste cancer cells.

Ths best source is, of course, broccoli.

Tip 1..Broccoli seeds that are just sprouted can contain between 10 and 100 times more sulforaphane than fully mature broccoli.

Tip 2..Briefly steam brassicas, try not to boil them as you could lose their potential cancer-protective nutrients.

Finally, there is research that points to soya, commonly found in tofu, soya beans and soya milk, as a protection against breast cancer, due to the plant chemical called phytoestrogen found in it. However, I have read many reports that too much soya in the diet can interfere with the thyroid glands in some way.

As I don't personally touch soya, I feel obliged not to recommend it. But it is ultimately your choice and it's worth doing some extra research to satisfy yourself if you want to include this in your anti cancer diet.

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