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Garlic Benefits...The Miracle Anti-Aging Herb

Garlic benefits, what are they?

garlic benefits, antioxidants Garlic's health benefits and its true anti-aging powers are often overlooked. In fact garlic can be classified as one of the most powerful anti-aging herbs available.

Apparently garlic was used centuries ago for all sorts of ailments from treating ovarian cancer to protecting monks from the plague in the Middle ages.

Hey, it's also great in the kitchen too. Garlic's list of culinary uses are almost endless.

Modern scientists have confirmed that garlic is a pharmacy in itself of healing compounds.

Here are some really good reasons why we should all be taking garlic, starting from...NOW!

Garlic contains a compound, called ajoene. Now this has been shown to prevent blood clots..great news, as this makes garlic a heart-healthy herb indeed!

It can also reduce blood pressure and balance your blood sugars.

It is also a great immune system booster.

Moden day scientists are beginning to discover that garlic may be a potent cancer fighter. This is due to various compounds found in garlic that can inhibit the growth of cancerous tumors in test tube and animal studies.

Garlic has natural antibiotic and antifungal properties due to the rich source of sulphur compounds found in it. The sulphur component is released only when it is chopped or crushed. Our blood absorbs these compounds and it is exhaled through our lungs.

Garlic contains allicin, a very powerful active ingredient along with over 100 other compounds including vitamins A, B1, vitamin C and vitamin E It also contains the following minerals...calcium, copper, selenium, zinc, potassium, and a little iron.

It has cancer-fighting phytochemicals. It's the phytochemical bit that makes it an antioxidant.


Garlic May Lower Risk of Skin Cancer

Scientists are now saying that a daily garlic pill could lower the risk of skin cancer.

Consider this. Malignant melanoma kills 1,700 people here in the UK a year and is the third most common cancer in people aged just 15 to 39. The biggest cause being over-exposure to the sun's rays.

Lipid peroxide is a substance that plays a role in all cancers.

So, where does garlic come in?

Well, scientists in India (Chittaranjan National Cancer Institute) have shown that natural compounds in garlic help to block it. Researchers believe this is partly due to the garlic compounds triggering the body's cell defences.

Current research also, has discovered that taking between half and one garlic clove per day, it is possible to reduce your cholesterol too, by 9 per cent.

If you are not into chewing the stuff raw (yes, I do and believe me it's not for the faint hearted!) thankfully, there are other forms available to take garlic....capsules, tablets, tinctures, and aged extracts.

Garlic benefits, truly a miracle gift from nature.

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