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Dr Red Blueberry Punch..The Tumor Shrinking Powerful Antioxidant Drink From Australia!

My personal review of the new superdrink called Dr Red Blueberry Punch.

dr red blueberry punch Now, if the recent research tests on this powerful antioxidant drink from Australia are to be believed...then all men especially (and women too) should take note.

In tests, Dr Red Blueberry Punch can rapidly cut or even slash the size of prostate tumours by a quarter in two weeks. Now. that's some claim.

At the time of writing this they are now planning trials to see whether a daily glass or two of the drink could treat the disease and even prevent it developing in the first place. Watch this space..any updates and I will blog it immediately.

This is one of the new super drinks to emerge from a whole plethora of powerful antioxidant drinks I had to give it a try.

What Is Blueberry Punch? It is basically a concentrated syrup (and a powerful one at that). It's a little different from most antioxidant drinks for the fact that it is designed to be diluted at least (1:6) with water.

I only used mineral water for my testing, however you could try soda water (someone even suggested vodka!). The bottle is 750ml and can make up to 30 dilute drinks.

I found a bottle quite easily at my local health food store.

What did I like about it? It has a refreshing, natural taste, not unpleasant or bitter although I wasn't overly keen on diluting the juice. I prefer to open, pour and drink!

What I Didn't Like About It...The price! It initially cost 29.99, however as I am a regular customer who spends lots of money there, I haggled a bit and got the assistant to drop to 26.99! Although it can be bought on the internet for about 16.

What's In It? Well, according to the company's website, Dr Red Blueberry Punch contains some of the most powerful antioxidants. And an impressive list it is too. It has been built around ingredients such as.. turmeric, citrus and olive, and they boast using an extraction process that apparently targets only powerful fat soluble antioxidants like curcumin (turmeric) and limonene (citrus peel oil).

But it doesn't stop there. Here are some more ingredients to add to the impressive list..

Now the key to the drink's effectiveness in fighting free radicals and boosting your immune system is in the way that all the antioxidants work together combined or synergistically.

Wrap Up..If the research and claims are true then you should take a serious look at Dr Red Blueberry Puch especially in it's claims to potentially shrink tumors at an astonishing rate.

Anything Else? It is worth noting that the research was part-funded by Blueberry Punch's Australian manufacturer, Dr Red Nutraceuticals. However, the scientists said they designed and conducted the experiments independently.

Watch a short clip about Dr Reds Blueberry Punch

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