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Antioxidants and Blood Pressure..Fight Hypertension Naturally!

Antioxidants and Blood Pressure

Is it possible to lower your high blood pressure with antioxidants?

antioxidants and blood pressure Well, before we answer the question, first a few facts to digest. Ok, it's inevitable that your blood pressure is likely to rise as you get older right? One study says that systolic blood pressure (that's the top number), jumps an average 15 points between ages 25 and 55.

In industrialized countries, such as USA and Japan these jumps are not un-common. In fact it's even worse in Japan. However it's worth noting that blood-pressure does not universally rise in people of all cultures...particularly not in less developed countries.

In fact in the USA, soaring blood pressure is a real problem, but it's not an inevitable phenomenon of aging.

Like many chronic diseases, it is a sign of needless aging that can be controlled to some extent, depending on genetic susceptibility.

It's probably the case of too many free radicals against too few antioxidants. Research has shown that blood a disease created by free radicals, that can be controlled, or kerbed by antioxidants, along with other dietary factors such as weight, alcohol, sodium and calcium.

One theory is that lots of free radical activity blocks production of nitric oxide and something called prostacyclin..both are blood vessel relaxants that help to keep BP down.

reduce your blood pressure

How Can You Lower High Blood Pressure With Antioxidants?

Quite simply, eating more antioxidants in fruits and veggies along with a good supplementation of anti oxidants, especially vitamin C, can stave off rising blood-pressure as you age.

Vitamin C plays a big role in keeping BP down, according to overwhelming evidence. Study after study has shown that BP is highest amongst people who eat the least vitamin C.

As mentioned above eating fruits and vegetables...especially fruit-full of vitamin C-also causes BP to drop.

It's a fact that vegetarians generally have lower pressure levels than meat eaters. According to research at Colorado State University, eating a vegetarian diet for more than 5 years, clearly helped overcome a genetic predisposition to high BP in older African-Americans.

Antioxidants and Blood Pressure...What Foods and Supplements Can Help

Eat red grapes and red or purple grape juice. Grape chemicals help dilate arteries, ultimately helping to reduce pressure.

Chomp on a few sticks of celery a day. It is an ancient treatment for BP among traditional Vietnamese doctors. Certain chemicals in the food can help.

Eat oatmeal. Just a small bowl a day, about an ounce, can lower blood-pressure, and the more you eat, the lower it gets, according to a study by John Hopkins University researchers.

Eat potassium, and lots of it. As we know excess sodium can trigger high BP, however with potassium, your body won't retain sodium. Where can you find potassium in foods? Fruits, vegetables, nuts, soybeans and fatty fish such as salmon, mackerel and sardines.

Eat garlic and/or take a good quality garlic pill such as Kwai, I swear by them, and take 1 pill daily..without fail!

Take a good vitamin C supplement for insurance. Tufts studies showed that just 250 milligrams a day cuts your risk of blood pressure as you age by nearly half.

Take magnesium and calcium supplements too as they have been shown to help.

Antioxidants and Blood Pressure..Final Words

Finally, cut down on alcohol and watch your weight, losing some pounds can be a fast track treatment. One reason is that free radical activity picks up the pace with too much fat consumption. Restricting calories turns down free radical production. Also salt sensitivity is more common in the obese as well.

So, as you can see, it is time to take a 'rain-check' if you are a hypertension sufferer. Make some changes in your lifestyle and definitely up the anti-oxidant intake as we have discussed, and I am positive you will see a marked improvement.

Lower High Blood Pressure Naturally..With Alistrol

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