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The many trials of Dr Burzynski

by mike cavalli

The many trials of Dr Burzynski
Cancer cure with Antineoplastin

Circulating quite rapidly on the internet is the news of a Dr Burzynski, the man who developed a drug to cure incurable cancers. Typically the interest is not for this remarkable cure, but for the unprecedented interest the FDA had in him and his cure using Antineoplastins.

The story is not unlike many who have come before him where history has recorded perhaps the first episode in what is like a long running soap. In 1924 the illustrious Harry Hoxsey opened his first cancer clinic using herbal formulas reputed to have been developed by his great-grandfather, consisting of caustic herbal pastes and or herbal tonics. Hoxsey was harassed by medical boards, the AMA, and FDA. 119 times Between 1926-1931, , the government, it appears, was more interested in closing his clinic down than in scientifically testing his tonic and in 1960 it finally succeeded.

Many, many, more forward thinking scientists and clinicians have followed the same or similar footsteps as Hoxey.

In later years Triamazon, a non-toxic herbal remedy, a proven cancer cure with evidence backed up from the studies found in pubmed the scientific website where clinical trials from around the world are published, was taken of the shelves by The UK’s MHRA and the proprietor hauled into court under the rarely used 1939 cancer. As seems to be the norm, the trial was not about the product but the proprietor Andrew Harris’s claim of a cure.

Dounne Alexander of granmasintl has also been forced to withdraw
certain products from her non toxic herbal drink, Rhubarb, apparently it is toxic!

“First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.”

But the latest attack on Cancer cures has found it’s way to the medical centre of Dr Burzynski, a pioneer in cancer research known worldwide for discovering Antineoplastons, a minimally invasive, low toxic treatment that targets cancer cells without destroying normal cells.
Once again it seems The FDA was determined to such down a practice that was not in keeping the status quo. Although Interestingly Burzynski’s cure is not a “natural cure” drugs are used supported with a personalized nutrition program.

In November 1995, a grand jury issued a 75-count indictment against the doctor and his clinic, the Burzynski Research Institute in Stafford, a suburb of Houston

On Monday, 1/6/97, The FDA and Justice Department charged DR. Stanislaw Burzynski with the 75 counts including ignoring a 1983 court order, flouting FDA law and fraudulently collecting from insurance companies after giving patients Anti-neoplaston.

Burzynski was allowed to treat people in Texas with his new wonder drug, but only in Texas, however he allowed Antineoplastons to be shipped out of Texas, thus The FDA thought they had a solid case of “mail fraud”

For 14 years The FDA were looking for a way to bring him to court, they had their moment but a jury declared itself hopelessly deadlocked and the judge declared a mistrial, then acquitted the doctor on 34 of the 75 charges. Jurors said they were split 6-6 on charges that Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski, 54, committed mail fraud in billing insurance companies, violated FDA law and ignored a 1983 federal court order barring interstate shipment.
A retrial was set for the remaining 41 charges on May 19. Charged with 40 counts of violating F.D.A. rules, and for the lesser charge of violating a judge's order banning shipments of the drugs across state lines.
Dr Burzynski was acquitted on all charges. Needless to say he was ecstatic, if found guilty on all 75 charges he faced up to almost 300 years in jail and a fine of 18 million Dollars.

This second trial cost The American tax payers a staggering 60 million dollars.

One really does have to question why such draconian measures were taken against one single Doctor, maybe the answer lies in that Dr Burzynski holds the patent to this new wonder drug which is proven by the numerous living testimonies and case documents to have an incredible cure rate for incurable cancers. This would mean of course that Burzynski would hit very hard the profits of Big Pharma, hit hard the profits of the hospitals administering chemo and radiotherapy not to mention the profits of the company’s manufacturing cancer therapy equipment.

The producers have made available freely until 13th June the docuflic THE CANCER BUSINESS, watch it while you can

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