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Antioxidants For Dogs..Help Your Pet To Fight Free Radicals

Antioxidants For Dogs If you have been browsing this site, then you will have discovered many ways that antioxidants can help us to stay healthy. It seems to be the buzz word of the moment, everything seems, or claims to have some form of antioxidants in the ingredients!

best dog nutrition So, before we discuss how antioxidants for dogs can benefit your cherished pet, first let's answer the question..what are antioxidants?

Quite simply, they are either minerals, vitamins or other chemical components that fight unstable molecules in our bodies, known as free radicals. The molecule is unstable due to the fact that it is missing one electron.

Because it is missing an electron the molecule then 'borrows' or even steals the needed electron from another molecule..and thus the chain reaction of free radicals starts. The result is that our bodies now start to oxidize or 'rust-up'. This causes untold health problems for us such as cancers, diseases, aging etc..if left unchecked.

Antioxidents will stop, or put a halt to this oxidation process which means that the cell damage to our bodies is greatly reduced.

So, now you understand the benfits of antioxidants and how they work and help us humans..but what about our dogs? Well, the good news is that you can help them live a longer, healthier and happy life too, by incorporating them into their daily diet as well.

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Do Dogs Need Antioxidants?

Yes, because the same way that we are daily exposed to the sources of free radical activity, such as pollution, UV rays, food additives, pesticides, cigarette smoke, x-rays, even are our canine friends. And, as we know, inevitably these free-radicals will speed up the aging process very quickly, and can cause many diseases to the bargain for your dog too.

What Are The Best Antioxidants for Dogs?

The type of potent antioxidants you need to be giving your dog should include Vitamins A, C and E along with carotenoids. Also, look to be giving him/her selenium, alpha lipoic acid and Co Q10.

Fresh fruits, whole grains and vegetables..especially brocolli stalks are the best sources of antioxidants for dogs.

dog antioxidants, pet antioxidants

But I Was Told Never To Feed My Dog Scraps!

As a child (many years ago!), I was told never to feed our pet the scraps of our food. I'm sure this type of conventional advice is still given today.... but you have to ask why don't we feed our dogs 'our regular food'?

In fact by omitting to give your pet these whole foods, fruit and vegetables in their original forms then are we not guilty of starving our precious pets of vital antioxidants and nutrients to help their immune systems and help fight cancers?

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Name Some Health Problems Which My Dog May Avoid With Antioxidants

By giving your pet a healthy balanced diet rich in various antioxidants, many health problems can be avoided. For instance joint problems and arthritis, vision and eye issues, respiratory problems, heart problems, chronic infections, skin allergies and of course, cancers. This is a big list, so you can see the importance of good nutrition.

What Are The Most Important Antioxidants For Dogs?

As you can imagine, the list of anti-oxidants is vast, however here are some that are beneficial specifically to dogs...

Vitamin A...Helpful for eye, vision, skin and respiratory problems.

Vitamin C ...Great for boosting your dogs immune system, any skin issues and chronic infections. Also good for allergies.

Vitamin E ...Excellent for heart problems, skin issues and allergies. Also believed to help for dogs with cancer.

Selenium ...An essential mineral for you canine and will help with treating and preventing cancer along with heart problems, infections and inflammation.

Carotenoids...Similar to vitamin A, will help with treating and preventing cancer along with respiratory, and eye problems as well as allergies.

Alpha Lipoic Acid Another powerful supplement that is effective in helping to prevent and treat cancer. Also helpful if you dog is getting on in years!

Coenzyme Q10 or Co Q10 Excellent for dogs that suffer with immune problems, heart and gum disease, and also for an aging doggie too.

Antioxidants For Dogs..Anything Else?

Finally look to give your pet a variety of herbal antioxidants as these can be very beneficial too. Try parsley, ginger, turmeric, celery seeds and oregano. These herbs can be easily sprinkled on their food.

So there you are, taking control and care of your dogs diet can be fun and rewarding too, as you will enjoy the company of a happy, healthy companion for a lot of years ahead. Remember, dogs don't have a choice over what they eat, but we do. So choose wisely, and I'm sure he or she will thank you with a great big Woof!

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