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CoQ10 Benefit..A Potent Antioxidant That Delivers Energy Too!

The CoQ10 benefit or, otherwise known as Coenzyme Q-10, is a potent vitamin-like substance found in all our cells in the body.

Everyone seems to be talking about it, and it's become the 'buzz' word just recently, so what is it all about and how can it benefit us, how can it help with healthy aging and what has it got to do with antioxidants?

Ok, read on...

It's also known as ubiquinone and this is how it works...As we know, our bodies need to convert foods into energy..right? Well ubiquinone, either produced naturally (within the body), ingested as food or maybe as a supplement, must be converted into something called ubiquinol for it to generate cellular energy. There have been reports that the ratio between these two is a marker of oxidative stress in coronary artery disease.

Now, the two must be converted properly at optimum levels, otherwise the body will just not cope with the constant demands and energy requirements of our vital organs, or protect cells from those nasty things that cause many diseases, damaging or oxidizing our bodies (literally rusting them up) and making us age a lot quicker than we would like... called free radicals.

It's actions are similar to those of vitamins E also found in foods such as organ meats.

It's main function is to convert foods to energy and alongside that it is also a powerful antioxidant maybe more powerful than vitamin E.

If you have been surfing this site then you will have discovered the importance, along with the real health benefits of anti-oxidants and their ability to fight from within, the damaging effects that free-radicals have on us..especially in the long-term.

Our bodies actually produce this powerful anti-oxidant every single day when we are young. However supplementation is needed as we get older for our health, due to our bodies being unable to sustain its natural production forever.

It is fat-soluble and is stored in the fatty tissues of the body, reducing the need to ingest large quantities. Since Co enzyme Q-10 is oil soluble it's best absorbed when taken with oily or fatty foods, such as fish.

So what can it do for us and how can we benefit from doses of it?

It aids circulation, stimulates the immune system, increases tissue oxygenation, and has anti-ageing effects by reducing oxidative stress. It has the ability to counter histamine, and therefore is beneficial for people with allergies, asthma, or respiratory disease.

Co Q-10 is good for cardiovascular too and benefits people with various types of heart failure. What it does is increases the energy output of hearts making them stronger. It does this naturally unlike drugs.

To treat heart failure a recommended daily dosage of 300mg to 400mg of Co enzyme Q-10 is advisable although most people do not need this much dose.

Recent studies and patients trials of Co enzyme Q-10 in medicine indicate that it can help prevent the recurrence of breast cancer Here is a good article on this subject by Ray Sahelian, M.D.

The sick and elderly may not be able to manufacture enough of Q-10. The amount of co q-10 present in the body declines with age, so it should be supplemented by dietary foods or supplements, especially by people who are over the age of fifty.

The importance of this is that supplements will boost your body's cell energy production too. Supplements have also been regarded as an alternative therapy in the prevention and cure of hypertension (critically high blood pressure).

Migraine sufferers have have found beneficial side effects taking Q-10, It is also being investigated as a treatment for cancer, and as relief from cancer treatment side effects.

The medical profession believe that ageing is generally associated with decreases in tissue CoQ levels.

For example, levels of Co-Q10 in the skin are low in childhood, reaching a maximum at around 20-30 years of age, and then decrease steadily with increasing age.

Evidence is accumulating for a role of Co-Q10 in the treatment or control of Parkinson's and Huntingdon's disease and other neurodegenerative diseases as well as diabetes.

It is also worth noting that cholesterol-lowering drugs such as statins are believed to reduce Co-Q10 levels. Also it is believed that it can help with atherosclerosis (plaque build up in the artery walls), or the function of endothelial, however the jury is still out on this claim.

Good nutritional sources of Coenzyme Q-10 are....

  • mackerel
  • salmon
  • sardines
  • beef
  • peanuts
  • spinach

Athletes and bodybuilders who want to build strong muscle but are prone to higher oxidative stress look to co-q10 as the ideal nutrient for performance.

As with anything like this the question always arises, are there any side effects with taking Co-q10? There have been reports of the following..

Insomnia, nausea, heartburn or acid reflux, vomiting, loss of appetite, dizziness and fainting and even low blood pressure, but it's a little unfair to direcly relate it because it's never quite clear under what conditions each of these symptoms have been reported. Also, people can over-dose on it because they take far too much than they really need.

Here is a link to a good place to purchase Co-enzyme

Herb Wholesale

Dr. Mercola delivers an interesting talk below....

Visit our new Health Discoveries page. This is where we will feature any new health discoveries from around the world, reviews on hard-to-find, powerful and rare treatments, new ways to boost your immune system and much more...especially relating to anti-oxidants (the theme of this website). See you over there...

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