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Oxidative Stress....Top Up The Antioxidants!

What is oxidative stress? How are we affected by it?

oxidative stress, antioxidants, free radicals Well for starters disease and oxidative-stress are very closely linked.

This may sound strange but we cannot live without free radicals. Our bodies use free radicals to destroy germs. They are also used for energy production.

However, where the problem lies is that most people are exposed to too many free radicals. Result? Oxidative stress. This is not a healthy situation at all.

Just to be a bit clearer, oxidative-stress is due to the overproduction of potentially harmful oxidants in the body. And it is their overproduction...or failure of the antioxidant defenses...that results in harmful oxidative-stress and disease.

Diabetics live in a state of oxidative-stress, which means that they have too many free radicals and too few antioxidants in their bodies. It is one of the most likely scenarios that could promote heart disease.

AIDS patients are under powerful oxidative-stress too. Although AIDS appears to be caused by an infectious agent, the problem is that oxidative-stress is a major factor in the progression of the virus.


The T-Cells or helper cells are the bodys first line of defense against infection. HIV (human immunno-deficiency virus) weakens the T-cells. They then lose the their ability to produce and transport glutathione, a major cellular antioxidant. So once the T-cells lose their antioxidant edge, they fall prey to oxidative-stress, which can cause even further destruction...and so it goes on.

So.....this is where we all need our antioxidants. We need a mixture of antioxidants to re-dress the balance with oxidative-stress.

There are plenty of sources to obtain our antioxidants.

Try drinking antioxidant water.

Antioxidant Juices are a great way to fight the free radicals.

Also, why not try yoga for hypertension and oxidative-stress too. It is a great and powerful way to help relax and rid your body of disease.

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