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Health Benefit Of Olive Oil...Helping to Fight Off Cancer

What is the health benefit of olive oil?

Olive oil has great antioxidant properties. It should replace saturated fats found in meat and butter.

The Mediterranean's swear by it. Scientists have always believed that a diet rich in olive oil can help protect against cancer ...but some recent studies are now proving it.

Phenols? Heard of them? They are compounds believed to act as powerful antioxidants. Well guess what? Olive oil contains phenols.

A recent study of healthy European men in Denmark found that all you need is four teaspoons a day and it will actually reduce levels of chemicals in the bloodstream which apparently can trigger cancer.

This could explain why many cancer rates are higher in northern Europe than in the south, where olive oil is major part of the diet.

Fact...people in Spain, Italy and Greece live longer, their rates of breast, colon, ovarian and prostate cancer are also significantly lower.

Liquid Olive Leaf Extract...check out this amazingly potent antioxidant!!

Last year at the University of Ulster, researchers found the phenols, extracted from virgin olive oil, may ward off colon cancer.

Well colon cancer (which affects 34,000 Britons each year), is second only to lung cancer, the disease that kills more patients.

Headache? Pass The Olive Oil!

Another study has suggested that olive oil can prevent inflammation in the same manner as headache pills.

The main compound in the oil..oleocanthal..was found to have the same properties as ibuprofen. Along with aspririn, ibuprofen belong to the same class of anti-inflammatory drugs.

The good bit about this? The painkiller has been linked to a lower risk of cancer and heart problems.

A small word of caution..take note, Olive oil is high in energy and there’s still the prospect of it contributing to weight gain, so this isn’t a reason to be having it by the bucketload ok?

Take home lessons here...While it would be good to have small amounts of olive oil to replace saturated is important to avoid the ‘if a little bit is good then a lot must be better’ message, if you know what I mean.

Mediterranean-style eating has long been associated with a healthy and long life. Try and introduce it into your diet as we can see the real health benefit of olive oil.

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