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Liquid Olive Leaf Extract...A Potent Source Of Antioxidants....

Liquid Olive Leaf Extract...you need to get excited about this one.


You probably are aware of the numerous health benefits linked to olive oil (the Mediterranean's do)...well this gets better...much better.

Liquid olive leaf extract contains up to 40 times more antioxidant polyphenols than conventional extra virgin olive oil.

Impressed? There's more, it also has an antioxidant capacity that is almost twice as potent as grape seed extract and five times more powerful than vitamin C. Plus...it is much more powerful than green tea and the majority of popular "antioxidant juices" currently on the market such as..

  • Noni
  • Goji
  • Mangosteen
  • Cranberry
  • Blueberry
  • Pomegranate

What do antioxidants do? They are vital in helping to neutralize harmful, cancer-causing free radicals.

So, where does this stuff come from?

It comes from Queensland, Australia (the largest specialised olive grove in the world), and is produced from the fresh leaves of more than 500,000 olive trees there.

There are many studies currently for this amazing oil, and results are very impressive, there is a bright future ahead for liquid olive leaf extract.

Get this...In a recent laboratory test at the Australian Centre for Complementary Medicine Education and Research (ACCMER) in a joint venture with University of Queensland and Southern Cross, showed that, as well as the liquid extract having an amazing 400 per cent more antioxidant power than vitamin C, it also killed breast and prostate cancer cells. Anti-inflammatory properties were also found too.

Taken regularly it has been found to promote healthier skin, muscles, joints, increase energy levels and improve general well-being. It can also offer much-needed relief from painful sinus congestion and is also linked to reducing cold and flu symptoms.

No side effects are known for the oil but it has a relaxing effect on artery walls, so those of you on blood-thinning medications like Warfarin should consult your doctor as a precaution.

I know you are shouting..."whare can I get this stuff?", well....liquid olive leaf extract is available in a product called MediOlive Olive Leaf Complex.

Every household should have a bottle!

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