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Orac List of Antioxidants..Should We Take Any Notice of It?

Can we trust and take the ORAC list of antioxidants values seriously?

orac list of antioxidants First we need to know some basics about how it is compiled, so here goes....

How the ORAC list of antioxidants values work are like this.

It's basically a combined measurement of the time an antioxidant takes to respond or react to free-radicals and the level of anti-oxidants in the specific food.

You will notice that foods that are higher on the ORAC-table are fruits such as berries, cherries, red grapes etc and the reason for this is their bright pigmentation. This indicates that they are high in antioxidants.

Don't take the ORAC Value list as gospel. It really is only a guide and there are many other factors that have not been takeh into account, such as plant nutrients (phytonutrients) that scientists and research have not been able to test or identify so far, so cannot be measured.

So, the bottom line is that we really cannot completely be certain of the full antioxidant and nutritional benefits of any of the fruits or veggies using the ORAC-list.

Also, it's worth noting that ORAC numbers or values can be easily manipulated by some manufacturers trying to 'big' their products up.

They use different ways to measure and 'massage' the figures with methods such as liquid measures, dry weight measures, typical serving sizes and so on. Who is going to question their results? We just believe the numbers don't we?

For example, look at prunes and plums. They are exactly the same fruits, same antioxidant values but different scores. The difference is that one has the water weight removed. Result? Skewed results. The same applies to raisins and red grapes.

Another issue with the ORAC list of antioxidants is that the values or numbers only apply to water soluble anti-oxidants and not fat soluble (i.e some carotenoids).

That said, it is just a guide and you really cannot go too far wrong by sticking to or eating may of the foods listed as they will provide vital antioxidants and nutrients.

Always stick to a variety of fruits and vegetables paying special attention to superfoods and antioxidant fruit juices. This website will inform and recommend you of everything you need to know.

So, in answer to the first question, should we take the ORAC Values seriously? I guess no, perhaps with a pinch of Himalayan salt! But to learn more about the ORAC list, check out their website, and make your own mind up.

How Do You Get All Your Anitioxidants and Superfoods In One Place?

First, some important reasons to add superfoods to your diet...

1 Unique whole foods with an extremely highcontent level of nutrients.

2 They commonly rank high in ORAC values.

3 They're also extremely abundant in antioxidants to help fight diseases and cancer.

4 Combined, they deliver many times the nutritional content of ordinary fruits and vegetables.

5.Simple and easily added to your daily diet due to very small serving sizes roughly about a tablespoon or two.

Some examples of superfoods...

I don't know of any better way to get all your superfoods than from iHerbs.

I buy just about all my health and superfood products from them. Their service and quality is second to none. I would never recommend a company that I haven't already tried.

You can choose from hundreds of quality products from brand names at the best prices available. I live in the UK and it is still much cheaper for me to buy from iHerb, and that even includes the shipping too!

Use the special iHerb discount coupon to claim $5.00 off your first-time purchase or quote the code ZOY958 at checkout.

Do You Have a Health Story You Want To Share?

Do you have an interesting health story that you would like to share? Have you battled through illness against all odds with the help of healing foods or any other method? We would love to hear all about it.

Enter the Title of Your Story (ex., "How I overcame xyz etc..")

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