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Ginkgo Anti Aging..Save Your Brain With This Herb!

Ginkgo Anti Aging

If you want to avoid any type of circulatory problems..or even suffer from them, then ginkgo is just what the doctor might order for you. That is, if he (or she) actually knew about it!

ginkgo biloba health benefits, anti aging Ginkgo is a common ornamental tree (known as ginkgo biloba) that grows throughout the United States and also throughout the world too. It's leaves are the medicinal part, and are divided into two lobes which is where the name biloba (bi-loba) comes from. These leaves can be pulverised into a powder or liquid..and that is where the magic starts.

So popular is ginkgo anti aging powers, that tens of millions of people, particularly in Germany and France, are using it with great success.

It has long been revered for its anti aging effects on the brain. Should you take notice of ginkgo? You bet..because we are all living on a planet where just about everything from the air we breathe to pollution to the (bad) foods we eat, cause our bodies to oxidize, which in turn over-produces free radicals, which 'speed-up' the aging process in the body.

In fact some big-guns in the science world are claiming that ginkgo is the most important medicinal plant agent to be marketed in Europe in the last 10 years.

In Germany, the leaf extracts have had some very rigorous testing and doctors have been annually writing prescriptions, going into the millions, for ginkgo to treat and even reverse some of the most dreaded symptoms of aging, including a declining or deteriorating memory.

Ginkgo Anti Aging Secrets..What Are They?

Ginkgo's real effective anti ageing secret is in its ability to improve blood circulation.

The elderly, whose blood vessels by now are aged, possible clogged up and inflexible, can really benefit from taking this extract. How? Well get this...ginkgo will encourage the blood to squeeze through just about the tiniest most narrow vessels in the brain, heart and limbs.

The result?

Better oxygen flow, tissues nourished, often restoring memory, and even wiping out muscle pain, amongst other things!

But it doesn't stop there. It is believed that it can also help prevent blood patelets from sticking together and forming clots. It does this by dilating blood vessels due to the stimulation and feeding of oxygen to the tissues.

No wonder ginkgo anti aging effects are causing a lot of interest currently.

Ginkgo Anti Aging and Antioxidants

As you have probably guessed, ginkgo is a very powerful antioxidant. Some tests have even shown it to be more effective at 'soaking-up' free radicals that our good friend vitamin E. This of course, will block the highly destructive oxidation of fatty cell membranes.

There's more..animal studies showed that ginkgo-biloba dramatically restored specific receptor sites on cells in the brain, which actually increased the the transmission of serotonin. This is a vital brain chemical that pretty much gets lost during aging. This is someting to get really excited about, as it just shows how vital and important ginkgo is in reversing the aging process of the brain.

If anyone who is serious about improving their quality of life and wanting to live to a healthy, ripe old age, especially the elderly, then this amazing leaf extract should be part of your supplementation plan..period!

Are There Any Ginkgo Biloba Side Effects?

If you take, or have been prescribed any blood thinning drugs (including aspirin) then take care, always speak to your friendly doctor first!

It's possible that ginkgo could interfere with blood clotting etc. So anyone with bleeding disorders along with epilepsy (or a history of seizures) should avoid taking it, as it could make seizures more frequent.

Also diabetics should tread with caution, as it could also affect blood sugar levels.

If in doubt, always talk to a health practitioner for guidance and supervision.

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