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Stainless Steel Juicer..The Best Way To Get Your Fresh Antioxidants Daily

A Stainless steel juicer is the very best way to get your antioxidants, naturally and daily.

stainless steel juicer, juicing machine, stainless steel juicers The best way to get a variety of antioxidants is to juice your fruit and vegetables. There are so many juicing recipes available either through books or the internet so you will never be lost for an idea. However it is always fulfilling if you can create your own masterpiece. Which leads me into discussing a great way to juice...a Stainless Steel Juicing machine.

I swear by them. They are a great investment especially if you are going to use them on a regular basis. They are very durable and another useful advantage is that they are so easy to clean, so maintenance is quick and simple. A stainless-steel juicer is also an attractive piece of kit and will sit quite proudly on your kitchen table.

So what are the health benefits of juicing? Well, there are many. For starters it is a great way to get habitually into a healthier lifestyle. Make it a daily ritual to juice your favorite fruits and vegetables. It will become addictive. Not only that but you will also be introducing essential vitamins and minerals into your diet. How does it work? When produce is processed in the juicer, what happens is that the nutrients are released, so when you drink it, absorbtion is instant into the bloodstream, allowing instant access to the most concentrated form of micro nutrients...immediately available for your body to use.

Now, there are many juicers available on the market currently, however, rather than just recommend some, I will just touch on some important points to bear in mind when you are deciding to make your purchase. Hopefully it will make your decision a little easier.

There are basically three types of juicers available on the market. If you are looking for the most efffective model then plump for the hydraulic fruit press. As you will have guessed it will be the most expensive but will literally squeeze evry last drop of juice and will leave the pulp quite dry.

The other model is known as the masticating juicer. Small metal type teeth literally chew up all the fruit and will definitely extract a lot of juice too.

Lastly there is the centrifugal juicer. A fast cutting blade on the bottom of a fast spinning basket will extract an admirable amount of juice. This type is a sort of starter model for the newbie juicers.

So there you have it, to get your antioxidants daily and even save money in the long run, by saving on expensive juices at the supermarket, then make a wise investment with a Stainless steel juicer.

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